Aluminum with electrostatic powder coating company in 1990, entered the industry in 1996 with the commissioning of Beylikdüzü profile has started to produce 800 ton extrusion press. Press start in early 2000 with the production capacity of 1600 tons 3600 tons / year at a board of which continue to produce our Kartal. Fully automatic PLC control with 1,600-ton presses are produced in custom and standard series of profiles. Width 190 mm, diameter of the profiles up to 110 mm can be produced. With design patterns according to customer demands are made available as soon as Kalıphane'mizde. Custom profile of mechanical processing can also be done on.


Facility located in Dye-House 3500 tons / year capacity, the desired RAL color powder paint painting occurs. Established in 2010, the pattern of wood veneer unit walnut, pine, oak, cherry dye transfer system profile on the different patterns are obtained by applying natural-looking shapes.

To produce quality goods and customer-oriented principle, our company, has standardized its production quality certificates ISO 9001 and TSE. With a series of standard and special profiles that meet the demands of the structure and the industrial sector 70% of our production is exported to foreign markets.
In 2010, our company has opened stores in Ümraniye, group company Eur-Order Ic ve Dis Tic. Paz. Ltd. Sti. started to operate through retail marketing.
Investments in technological innovation and product developer to avoid our knowledge and experience will continue to serve you. Thanks to all our customers who choose us.